Q: How long have you been shooting?

A: Around 2006 with a DSLR camera body.

Q: Do you shoot full-time?

A: No, I do not. I have a career in Information Technology.

Q: What kind of gear do you use?
A: I'm a Canon guy at heart and own some pro. equipment. Gear/brands should not define the photographer.

Q: Do you prefer to shoot indoors or outdoors?

A: Outdoors...more flexibility/creativity (shooting angles, available light, locations and so on). Indoor work is great too though!!

Q: Do you have your own studio?

A:  I do not. In the past, I turned my living room into a studio.

Q: Do you have studio equipment?

A: Yes. A few backgrounds, light stands, and strobes here and there.

Q: What is a typical shoot with you like?

A: Fun! If no one is having fun, the photos will show it.  If there's a set agenda for the allotted time or day, I assure you that we'll have a good time. Always bring a friend or two or three, if you like. In some cases, winging it makes it even more enjoyable for all involved.

Q: What's your favorite thing or event to shoot?

A: I love events. Birthday parties, especially the milestone birthday parties for the older folks! I'd still say weddings as well although that's no longer my thing. I have always been fond of street photography and capturing moments with friends. I love everything about photography, so nailing down to one specific thing is difficult for me.

RE: Weddings - Present day, I may, I may consider shooting a very small wedding party/ceremony if certain criteria is met...
- photos of a civil marriage ceremony (outside the "courthouse" or at a specific location) and reception to follow OR
- ceremony & reception held at the same venue AND no more than 50 guests AND
- digital photos only, hosted on this website and available for download. 

Q: What photo editing software do you use?

A: I use Adobe Lightroom for minor adjustments, Affinity Photo if anything else is required.

Q: Why are you so expensive?

A: You think I'm expensive?? 😂Imagine the cost to hire someone who is a full-time professional photographer and likely has a team of photographers and assistants; et al.

Q: Do you shoot video?

A: Although my cameras are capable, I do not.

Last Updated: June 2021.

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